How to research picking a decent local restaurant 

How to research picking a decent local restaurant 

Ever wondered where to find a decent local restaurant, where the great cuisine carries the day rather than the location. Then below are various ways of conducting the research.

Local publications and Food websites
First of all dedicated blog sites provide one of the best restaurant recommendations. A site like is a good source of information. The best eating places are normally the unusual places; you have to conduct a thorough research before embarking on a food adventure. Avoid guesswork check magazines and newspapers; some have yearly dining lists.

Social media research
With the onset of social media, many eateries have an online presence on Facebook, Twitter. Furthermore, your friends are more than happy to recommend to you a decent place to dine. You could also search popular hashtags so that socially connected people can respond with their favourite.

Local food bloggers
With the onset of blogging, there are numerous career bloggers whose job is to research and provide vital information over the internet. Moreover, Instagram has become the new avenue of marketing thus it’s easy to find enough information that will guide you to a great restaurant.

Talking to local people
Any person either on the streets, the bus stop, the tram, the hotel concierge, waiters, and other guests at the restaurants have great recommendations. There is a lot of good information out there that is not necessarily online. People have a great way of narrating about their experience at a personal level.

Culinary walking tours
Local culinary walking tours make you enjoy eating good food locally. This is becoming popular all over the world; the surprise is the number of restaurants in the local setup ready to offer you a great experience. You will also be able to pick your tour guide brains, by accessing more recommendations.

Mobile phone apps
Download mobile phones apps like Travelzoo app that offers dinner and drinks deals on the go. In additions, user generated apps like trip advisor and yelp have a lot of information of food eating places if you dig deeper. These sites host a lot of reviews that raves about the food, and favourite dishes. Moreover, consider downloading Foursquare that hosts pieces of advice from people who visit particular spots.

Avoid tourist attraction sites
Restaurants near tourist sites or great landmarks with high traffic as they rely on location rather than interesting cuisine and variety. Neighbourhoods restaurants near offer better cuisines and other variety of delicacies to cater for the local community. Sampling restaurants from the neighbourhood whose competitive edge is cuisine make you enjoy eating good food locally.

Explore the place on foot
Walk around and identify great places with great food. Exploring the local neighbourhood doesn’t require much effort other than taking a walk and identifying restaurants. Every place has its unique food that creates a lasting memory. Every restaurant tries to differentiate itself from other by creating unique menu and service.

Finally look for restaurants with lines and dining reservations – this proves that restaurant has a good reputation and great cuisines. If the restaurant looks hot, then find a better time to sample the food at that restaurant when the lines have subsided or place a reservation.

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